Our Philosophy

Sustainability Redesigned


The current standards in the watch & leather industry are poor. Very poor. We decided to start MENS & MÉZ and challenge the status quo.


1. Quality 

Our watches are made to last. Every single one is Hand Made in Dortmund, Germany. We wanted to get the highest quality possible and being able to proudly say you can wear this watch for many years, maybe a lifetime.


2. Design

Secondly, design. Since all the other watch companies are just copying each other we thought why not do it differently. Sure it took a lot of time to find the right artist to design this watch from scratch but was worth it. We think that a watch is not only there for showing you the time. It is part of your unique expression and style. You are not basic - why should your watch be?


3. Sustainbility

Thirdly, sustainability. Well it is 2018 and our planet needs some support. We humans have not been treating it that well over the past years and it starts to catch up on us. Feramez & I both agree that we actively need to contribute to change and work on a green planet together. We decided to only use ethically sourced resources for the entire watch. Most importantly we are using recycled pineapple leaves for our leather straps. This is far more ethical and eco friendly than animal leather. Pineapple Leather is the future and we believe we will not only change an industry but the whole planet with it!


Additionally 5% of the profit will be donated to the International Anti Poaching Foundation to protect endangered animals in Africa.