Meet The Founders

Let us introduce ourselves. We, Clemens KohlbacherFeramez Durmus & Daniele Madonia are the founders of MENS & MÉZ. 
Our story began accidentally a couple of years ago. On Instagram. Feramez found my instagram profile (Clemens) which was build all around fair fashion and sustainability. Just out of curiosity he asked me if we could have a talk on skype because he had an idea and wanted to catch my opinion. As open minded as I was and still am, I agreed.


Feramez told me about a vision he had about changing a whole industry.  After just a couple of minutes we both knew it was no coincidence that we "met". He basically told me that he found a new material that could possibly be more ethical & sustainable than leather but still felt the same. I myself am a huge fan of sustainable fashion and have always had a faible for watches.


Long story short we both decided to change the watch industry with a completely new approach. We wanted to set new standards as we were both unsatisfied with the status quo.
Daniele a long friend of mine (Clemens) from Italy joined and took care of the design. His experience and insight when it comes to Italian fashion and style took the whole label to a new level.


The result is MENS & MÉZ. Premium hand made watches, offering a unique yet modern look and featuring leather straps entirely made of pineapple leaves.



Here is a short Q & A to get to know us better :)




Why do you decide to make watches? 

Both of us are watch enthusiasts and really have high standards when it comes to it. After doing some research we realized that almost every watch on the market that costs less than €1000 gets manufactured very cheaply in china and offer very poor quality.

At the same time animal leather is one of the most unethical und unsustainable materials out there. Yet it is the most common material used for straps.

So it was upon us to change those to things. At the same time we did not want to compromise on style and created a unique look for our watches.


What are your goals with MENS & MÉZ?

We want to make a sustainable impact and set new quality standards for watches and leather.


Where are you from?

Feramez is from Dortmund, Germany. Clemens grew up in Graz, Austria. Daniele grew up in Italy but is now living in Graz, Austria.


How did you guys meet?

Feramez and Clemens over a year ago on instagram. Clemens met Daniele in Graz, Austria.


What did you do before?

Feramez was freelancing in the insurance industry. Clemens has been working in his dad's company. Daniele was a fashion influencer and designer. 

Is it possible to talk to you in person for an interview?

Since we are all quite busy it might not be possible to talk to us in person but we love to get interviewed and talk about our vision. If you want to interview us for your podcast, youtube channel, blog or whatever medium we can gladly do that over Skype :).