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Vegan vs. Animal Leather

April 11, 2018

The Truth About Leather

For us it was quite obvious not to use animal leather. Although it is one of the most common and appreciated materials in the fashion industry we knew from the beginning that this was not an option.

Although its texture and feel is great there is a huge downside to it. It is simply not sustainable and of course unethical.

Processing leather is a complicated process, involving approximately 20 stages and 250 chemicals (including toxins and heavy metals such as hexavelent chromium, aldehyde, cyanide, zinc and lead) to halt decomposition, which are extremely damaging to both people and the environment.


Our Solution

The first that came to our mind was just using normal cotton. But that is boring. Then we thought of using synthetic leather. Synthetic alternatives such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are not the solution, as these are ecologically toxic to both produce and dispose ofDefinitely ethical but not sustainable either.

We just wanted the perfect material for our straps that met all of our requirements. It should be ethical, sustainably sourced, feel like leather and look awesome. It was quite a difficult goal but we knew that if we set our standards high enough we will eventually end up with a perfect material without compromises.  

After months of research and many failures we have finally found the right material that met all our expectations. It is fairly new technology called Pinatex, making it possible to extract the fibre of pineapple leaves and process it to real leather. No animals, humans or mother earth is harmed during this procedure. 


The Benefits


On top of that it feels and looks amazing. 

There is also no bad smell that comes with it.


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