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The Vegan Watch Revolution - Our Story

April 10, 2018

Trust your Gut Feeling

It is not quite common to start your own watch brand at such a young age. 

The beginning was difficult to be honest with you. I was a bit scared since everybody told me to go university after graduating from high school with decent grades. 

I did what they told despite the opposite feeling I had in my gut. It was pretty funny because I made my parents feel good about me going to university and studying business but I hated it since day one.

This was probably the first mistake I made. Mistaktes are never bad as long as learn from them. 

It just did not feel right because it was at the same I turned vegan and started living a more conscious and sustainable live. I realised that following a plant based diet and generally being more conscious when buying new stuff has a tremendous impact on the world. Cowspiracy is one of the greatest documentaries on much impact a vegan lifestyle (not only diet) has on the planet.

Three months later, autumn 2015, I dropped out anyway. Shortly after that I decided to start my own online shop for vegan clothes. I called it "Vegan Apparel" (very creative I know) and sold 100% organic, fair und vegan tees & hoodies with funny prints on them. It just felt right because instead of working for a cooperation that very likely did not have the same core values as me, I was promoting something I truly believe in.

After a couple of months I already had a huge social media following and people just loved it. At this point I knew that trusting my gut feeling was the right desicion. Overall I felt much better about myself know I was making a positive impact and creating a lot of awareness.

The Birth of MENS & MÉZ

At the beginning of 2017 I met Feramez. A young entrepreneur from Dortmund, Germany. He reached out to me on instagram and told me that he really liked what I was doing and he shared similar values when it comes to ethics and sustainability. After having a couple of skype calls when knew we very quite like minded.

After doing some research we came up with the idea of starting a new watch brand with the focus on quality, sustainability and of course style. Unfortunately many brands (not only watches) compromise style for sustainability. We did not understand that and our mission was to create a watch that stands out in very aspect.

Time to Change the Industry

Fast forward after 12 months of constant struggle with finding the right supplier that finally meets our quality standards we are here. With a watch that will. revolutionise a whole industry.

We can proudly say that every single timepiece of MENS & MÉZ is hand made in Germany, runs with a premium swiss movement and genuine vegan leather straps made out of recycled pineapple leaves.





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